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Quick Cash Report

To create a Quick Cash® Report, Go to the Main Menu

Sending an Automated Transfer (Quick Cash® Batch)

This section shows how to send a Quick Cash® Batch that has been already imported. For detailed information on how to import a file refer to page 24 of this manual.
Go to the Main Menu.
 Main Menu
Click on Batch Quick Cash (F6) . The following screen appears.
Filters are designed to examine each input or output request for certain
qualifying criteria and then process or forward it accordingly.
Filters can be chosen so the system displays only the desired information
from previously processed transactions. The filter options are:
“Enable Session ID Filter”
“Enable Data Filter”
Once the filters have been chosen, click on “Next” to see the search
results of the selected parameters.
Note: If you want to select all the displayed transactions, do a right click
and choose “Select All”, you can manually deselect some of the records
by clicking on them.
When you have selected the required transactions, click on “Submit”.
On the bottom left side of the screen, the progress bar displays the
information on number of attempts, number of transactions

The system displays the following screen
The system displays the following screen, indicating that the process isfinished


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