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Remittance of Funds

Carefully review your agreement with Western Union to determine when the money you receive from consumers for Western Union ® transactions must be deposited.
All funds accepted for Western Union services are to be deposited into the account being utilized for Western Union, no later than 10a.m. the following business day.  Failure to deposit in a timely or accurate manner can result in a returned ACH/ DTC (Automatic Clearinghouse Transaction /Deposit Transfer Check), due to insufficient funds.
You are responsible for returned ACH/DTC fees when it is determined you are at fault.  Three returned ACH/DTCs will result in automatic termination of the Agency Agreement. See more at
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Installing the Western Union Translink Money Transfer Software

Step Action
 Turn on your computer.Log in using administrator or power user rights.Close all active programs by pressing [Ctrl+Alt+DEL], then highlight the listed programs and click End Task. The only programs to remain open should be Explorer and Systray (Systray might not be listed) If necessary, see the manufacturer’s instructions. 4 Insert the Western Union TranslinkTM Money Transfer Software CD in the CDROM drive.
5 Open Windows® Explorer to browse the CD to locate Disk1 6 Double click Disk1 to open the folder to locate setup.exe

Continue Installing the Western Union TranslinkTM Money Transfer Software

Step Action
Double click Setup.exe, the Welcome screen displays InstallShield prepares for the Wizard.The Welcome Screen appears. As indicated on the screen, it is highly recommended that you close any open applications before continuing with the installation. Click Next to continue.

Western Union Translink Money Transfer Software for the Microsoft Windows Operating System Installation Instructions

The Western Union Translink Money Transfer Software for the Microsoft Windows Operating System was designed as a replacement for the traditional Money Transfer point of sale software.
This manual provides a set of comprehensive instructions that follow the flow of the installation process of the Western Union Money Transfer Software application, in order to ensure that the software is properly installed in your PC, enabling you to process transactions at your location.