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E-bullion business

It seems that every year payment systems one by one try to make new surprises for us. This time the surprise became from popular and known E-bullion payment system which always was considered as closed type payment system which doesn’t put into the own practice any alien business methods and stereotypes. There was set a rumor that E-bullion system is going to follow the well-known E-gold payment processor because these two systems have the same work principles and they are based on one technology. The social majority can think about this situation, “Hm... it is really strange. Why successful and developing company aim to go out from success way?” Unfortunately the recent events explain a lot of these questions and confirm the rumors.

On Monday, 28 July 2008, at 6:30 PM there was found stubbed Pamela Fayed, one of co-founders E-bullion. Woman died because of numerous stabs. This news shocked social community and especially the way of murder. There are a lot different hypothesizes about …
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Webmoney Transfer Company

Webmoney Transfer Company announces that from 1st August, 2008 all cross-currency exchanges will be forbidden. Frequent cases of illegal system use in various financial frauds, and also in unpunished money plunder by transfer from one electronic currency in another became the reason of such changes.
WM Transfer Company also has announced that all exchange offices, incapable to carry out due client personality identification, should stop the activity since 1st August, 2008. Otherwise the system will stop service corresponding WMID.
The given news already has displeased among users of system because many of them daily use cross-currency exchanges to service clients who using various payment systems. Even presence of the WM Transfer personal certificate does not allow to make legal purchase or sale of the following electronic currencies:
E-goldLiberty ReserveE-bullionPecunixGoldMoneyInocardICQmoneyDeltakeyiMoney UAHShortly before these events, E-gold Company has informed that has forbidden …

PayPal Payment system has estimated results of the activity

PayPal Payment system has estimated results of the activity in 2nd quarter 2008. Company incomes for this period have made $602 million. «This rate exceeds last year's on 33 %», declares auction E-bay, official PayPal proprietor.
The PayPal system money turnover in the second quarter has made $14.93 billion. It exceeds rates of 2007 on 35 % when system incomes have increased for 34% and have made $454 million. The sum of company's money turnover in 2nd quarter 2007 has grown on 32 % in comparison with 2006 and has made $11.69 billion.
The quantity of active PayPal payment system's users increases every day. The reason of this fact is that PayPal introduces its services in various trading platforms, organizes connection of the new Internet shops. Thanks to growth of tendency to use the system for payment the goods and services in the Internet (for the last year the quantity of users has increased for 19 %) The trade at auction E-Bay which profit in 2nd quarter 2008 has made $…

The head of known payment NETeller system Stephen Eric Lawrence admitted itself involved in not authorized money transfers

The head of known payment NETeller system Stephen Eric Lawrence admitted itself involved in not authorized money transfers by players of Internet casino through NETeller system, for the purpose of illegally received profit laundering. In the beginning of 2007 cases of NETeller company participation in criminal financial frauds have already been noticed. Then USA authorities have arrested two NETeller's investors encouraging illegal transfers through system.

For prevention of similar incidents USA authorities have declared that all on-line casinos since October, 2006 should stop the activity because it became practically impossible to trace all financial operations doing by them.

Certainly, such law meant a full stop of NETeller company activity because she basically was engaged in on-line casino service. After arrest of the company head, NETeller immediately refused 70 % of the actives.

Stephen Eric Lawrence admitted guilty is threatened with five years of imprisonment by clause of p…


E-Bullion is one of the most popular on-line payment systems in Europe. E-bullion is a gold-based currency. The system appeared in 2000. It is owned by Goldfinger Bullion Reserve Corporation.
E-Bullion has two account types: Business and Personal. Business account can be opened by companies wishing to use the system as its main payment means. Personal account is an account for ordinary users. Account number along with the password to enter the system forms something like A12345. All transactions are made through E-bullion web-interface.
Special Features and AdvantagesE-bullion user can choose one of three options for electronic money storage:
Gold – in troy ounces;Silver – in silver measuring units;e-Currency® - in US dollars (connected with US dollar rate)The first two options the electronic balance changes depending on the world gold or silver prices. E-Currency® balance is connected with American dollar rate and depends thereon.
One of E-bullion advantages for users is its free registr…


The Moneybookers payment system was founded in the UK. Today it is popular in many European countries as well as some CIS countries.
Moneybookers User’s PrivilegesMoneybookers users are able to send money to their credit card accounts and make money transfers to banks in different countries. Moneybookers personal account gives its users several privileges. The cost of transaction does not exceed 0.5 Euro even then the amount of the transaction is huge. No money can be transferred to the unknown users.
In Moneybookers system there are partnership programs providing the users with the possibility to earn from the transactions interests. In a year one can get about 30% from each transaction commission of a newly drawn user.
Registered users can have several accounts in the system, one of which is considered prime. The commission for this account will be the smallest, of about 1.8 Euro. All others will cost almost twice more.
The Safest Payment SystemMoneybookers is considered one of the safe…

Pecunix- The System That Guarantees Stability

Pecunix on-line payment system is an official trademark of Pecunix Incorporated and appeared in 2002. The Company is registered in Panama. That is why, perhaps, no statistics of the company’s activity was disclosed: the number of opened accounts and current turnovers are unknown.
Pecunix SpecialtyPecunix is gold-based e-currency, as well as E-gold and E-bullion. A settlement unit in the system is a gram of gold (GAU – gold administration unit). One Pecunix equals one gram of pure gold. The system also uses an optional unit, troy ounce (OAU – operation administration unit) providing more easy-to-use settlements to some users. Pecunix does not take any charges for money storage or registration process. All Recunix gold reserves are stored in Zurich (Switzerland). By storing his/her money in gold the user has the guarantees of Switzerland bank system, the most stable in Europe. Pecunix supports 22 national currencies, so it is a multi-currency payment system. A national of any country can…

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Installing the Western Union Translink Money Transfer Software

Step Action
 Turn on your computer.Log in using administrator or power user rights.Close all active programs by pressing [Ctrl+Alt+DEL], then highlight the listed programs and click End Task. The only programs to remain open should be Explorer and Systray (Systray might not be listed) If necessary, see the manufacturer’s instructions. 4 Insert the Western Union TranslinkTM Money Transfer Software CD in the CDROM drive.
5 Open Windows® Explorer to browse the CD to locate Disk1 6 Double click Disk1 to open the folder to locate setup.exe

Western Union Translink Money Transfer Software for the Microsoft Windows Operating System Installation Instructions

The Western Union Translink Money Transfer Software for the Microsoft Windows Operating System was designed as a replacement for the traditional Money Transfer point of sale software.
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